Forged Destiny

Captains log, day 1, voyage to Nova Fortunae

Captain Jarrett Springfield

Jarrett Springfield surveyed the docks while the longshoremen loaded his ship, the Dawn Chaser. The burly dock workers were efficient, loading boxes and crates of supplies, barrels of food, and personal effects of the passengers booking passage aboard his ship. It was a long trip, over a month each way, and the various food and sundries had to support his crew and the score of passengers he was transporting to the new colony. The Merchant Adventurer Company had hired him for transport, and he’d make sure he made good on the contract. Besides, this trip included four members of the Company heading to assist the colony directly. The Company’s coin was good, and Captain Springfield’s word was his bond. Once he’d started something, he’d see it though to the end. He didn’t earn the nickname ‘Relentless’ for nothing.

Shipping to the new colony wasn’t something many captains would dare try. It was a long trip across the trackless seas, and if you didn’t navigate properly, you’d be lost for certain. But he’d made two voyages previously to that poor forsaken place, proving himself a reliable captain. Unfortunately each trip had been more depressing than the last. That colony was hanging on by a thread, and none of these poor souls realized it. They thought they were heading to a land of milk and honey.

“Nothing there but mud and shit.” he said to no one in particular, though a couple of dockworkers did give him a worried look.

He spat twice over his left shoulder, to ward off evil spirits, and drew forth the offering bag from his belt pouch. The small sack smelled of spice and was carefully packed with ‘mystic’ tokens that the dockside priest said would please the gods beneath the waves. He slipped it into the water, murmuring a quick prayer for a safe voyage. Then, Taking a deep breath, stepped off the docks and started another voyage across the Vast Ocean.


bumgurgle Grakarg

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