Forged Destiny

Captains log, day 26, voyage to Nova Fortunae

Captain Jarrett Springfield

Captain Springfield rested his arms against the railing and looked forward across the deck. He considered the four members of the Company that had come aboard for the long voyage. They seemed capable enough, each in their own way, but also seemed a motley bunch.
There was Nif, a half-elven aesthetic, that performed odd stretching exercises and frequently meditated at the bow of the ship with a strange silent calm.
And Torin, one of the wee gnomish folk, far from the forests they usually called home. He’d entertained the crew and passangers with many stories and tricks of magic. But more than anything Jarrett had learned to not play cards or dice with the wily gnome or he’d find he’d lost his gold, his ship, and even his smallclothes in some rigged game of chance. He did purchase a couple of holy symbols from Torin however. One never could be too careful with the gods.
Which brought him to the third member of that group. If it wasn’t a mechanika! Jarrett knew that the Empress (blessed be her rule) had decreed that those things were just a new type of people like everyone else, but he had a hard time adjusting to the idea at first. It had even named itself! Healbo it was called. But even more strange, it was an honest to goodness priest of Gond. The captain smiled at the thought, and had to admit, there wasn’t a lick of scury, a fractured arm, or even a stubbed toe that wasn’t cured by the mechanical man’s divine aid.
Then there was Fen. A small lithe halfling, stronger than she looked, Fen just…. got along with everyone. It didn’t matter who it was, everyone liked Fen. With a quick joke or a wink, she’d appear out of nowhere, usually with a drink in hand. She’d been too humble to make much of it, but one of the passengers told him what she’d done up north in the town of Troubaloose. She’d protected the town from a rampaging giant that had come down from the mountains. The tiny thing, all by herself!
It wouldn’t be much longer now. They’d sighted land yesterday and should be at the end of their trip within a couple of days.

“Ahoy the captain! Movement in the water off the starboard bow!” Nif’s voice floated down from the crows nest. That monk had eyesight sharper than an eagle’s.

The captain raised his spyglass to his eye and took a look. Sure enough, there was movement in the water, approaching fast. He recognized what he saw coming, and it wasn’t good.
“Mister Merryweather!” he called. “Sound general quarters and get all of the colonists below decks. It seems the Sahuagin want to test their spears against our steel.”

His first mate scrambled to comply, rushing below decks. As the barbaric fishlike humanoids swam up in an attempt to board his ship, Captain Springfield thought again of the four heroes aboard his ship. It was time to find out just how capable they were.


bumgurgle Grakarg

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