Forged Destiny

Lonely Watchtower

Glurglebarknekou, glopfpornent

“Lglnrop kdkenop h skenoz kdo enkkenqmf cisn kmo, glorpe.” It whispered to itself with a thousand incessant mouths.
“Snhip nuubrmel omwa simmperneak.” It answered, “bmpe limpe whekalos.”
“Bomov wimpenet.”

The doors to the chamber opened and four figures spang into action!

It opened or closed a thousand eyes, gnashing and crying, laughing and singing, it borbled away in countless voices.

“Sninp dklsi. Bomsion dkwo wowowo mdoap app app smio och chchchakwk bormo!”
“Bormo bormo bormo!”
Smotko, slsko slene dl, slkeo sopawnz zampa silop sopidown nwkemo chrimo chicimislsaw slaw mboi bimoboke morboaz xiso dimolei! Zampa camoskixo! Gemlselse!"

Suddenly, silence… Blessed silence and oozing on the floor.


bumgurgle Grakarg

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