Forged Destiny

New Adventurers Needed

Or, How I learned to love paralytic venom

Welp, we had a party wipe last night. Mostly due to the group taking on more than it could chew. Well, ok, the giant centipedes did most of the chewing, but the paralytic venom was fun.

Unless a group of hale and hardy adventurers can get to us fast I think we’re goners…

Thinking back the jokes about eating bullywug legs for dinner was a bit much and may come back to ‘bite’ us.

Fen, the inebriated, Sariel the dauntless and Torin, the ’can’t hit the broad side of a barn’ will be missed. Because once the Bullywug’s adventurer stew is gone, it’s gone for good! So pickup a bowl today!



bumgurgle bumgurgle

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