Follower of Aoda, The Green Mother; healer and avenger


Cleric 1st level (Life Domain)

13 STR
10 DEX
14 CON
10 INT
16 WIS
12 CHA

HP 10
AC 18 (chainmail + shield)
Skill proficiencies: Animal Handling, Medicine, Nature, Persuasion, Stealth, Survival
SPD 40’

Chaotic Good
150 lbs
Age 21
Black hair, Green eyes, Coppery skin
Female Alseid (Autumn Elf bloodline)


Disciple of Aoda, The Green Mother; Folk Hero to the commoners of the region.

Undertook a rite of passage all Alseid of her age (20 year old) would participate in. She and a few dozen others. The ritual involves surviving on one’s own for two weeks, then returning to the encampment.
[these Alseid split into bands most of the year, returning and mingling with one another at the same location, long held and important to their people, for annual festivals and certain rituals]

Sariel encountered difficulties at every turn, and was almost late returning to the encampment. However, upon arrival, no one was present, the animals (both those that were companions, and those that were penned) were strangely slaughtered. It was as if people vanished during the middle of whatever they were engaged in.
The shrine dedicated to their patron deity, Aoda, The Green Mother, was defaced and destroyed.
Sariel searched, becoming increasingly frantic. No sign of what happened revealed itself.

After spending three days searching the area, she left the encampment in a mental fog. Wandering aimlessly through the shrouded forest that night, she was jarred from her stupor by a blazing gleam of moonlight. Walking, then shifting to a canter, and finally to a gallop, Sariel closed on the source of the beam.
A jeweled necklace, of a style fashioned by artisans of her people, hung from the branches of a sapling. Mesmerized by the light, Sariel retrieved the necklace. The intensity of the light waned considerably, then pulsated slowly in the heart of the jewel shaped in the symbol of Aoda, The Green Mother.
The Calling was unmistakeable, and Sariel was to serve as perhaps the final servant of Aoda, or at least, of her clan. Her duty was clear, to protect life in its myriad forms, and to avenge the fallen.

Over the next year, Sariel honed her devotion to The Green Goddess, turning her faith into a tangible manifestation of divine power. Ever seeking clues and insight into the fate that befell her clan, she moved into the borderlands of the empire, and inadvertently made a name for herself by thwarting various actions of the minions of Torek’Ma, Dwarven AntiPaladin and would-be tyrant of the region. Girding herself with the weapons and armor of her fallen foes, she further became a minor hero to the common folk of that locale, before finally moving on to continue her search for what had befallen her people.


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