Character Downtime

Ok, here’s the deal. I had a long, well written, explanation of character downtime and alllll the options available.

But then I hit ‘submit’ and my internet connection had crapped out, so I lost all of it.

So I am NOT super excited to retype all of that all over again.

So here is the short version of the types of things you can do on you downtime between adventures and expeditions. Contact me for details. Most of these are straight out of the PHB and DMG.

You can craft stuff. Equipment and gear, art, weapons, armor, magic items, scrolls, potions. You name it. Even buildings. Especially buildings for the colony. You need to build those. Proficiency with specific artisan tools or skills may be required, as well as special materials or formulas, depending on what you’re making.

You can run a business, do a profession, run a temple, etc. Perform your day job and make money…. maybe depending on what it is. Don’t forget, members of the Imperial Merchant Adventurers Company can run IT as a business as well, working to fill its coffers as well as their own. But you are free to start your own business as well. There are rules for lots of this.

You can heal up and recuperate. Bedrest during the downtime might help you recover from a disease, poison, or effect that is preventing you from regaining hitpoints.

You can do research, learning new rumors, finding out about quests, figuring out new spells, uncovering secrets etc. Dust off that old tome and you might learn something important.

Improve your Reknown or sow rumors to decrease the reknown of others. Spend time fixing your reputation with the locals, or work to turn public opinion against your enemies. Underhanded, but effective.

Spend time living the good life, drinking all your cares away. You can spend time Carousing, burning your cash on wine, women, and song. Out of cash? Just like Conan, now you have to go adventuring.

Spend time training. You can use downtime to learn new languages, tool proficiencies, vehicle proficiencies, etc. This is time consuming and expensive though (250 days and 250 gp) And you can even spend time training and convert GP into EXP, I have rules for this too.

Go exploring: Reveal unexplored terrain on the map. You might bump into a keyed or random encounter, but hey, you love living on the edge right?

Help the townsfolk procure resources for the colony or the company. Guard the lumberjacks, help identify useful herbs, supervise miners, fish with the local skipper, etc.
This can be done in ‘Unsecured’ hexes to get resources, and lowers the risk to townsfolk, but increases the risk to you…

Guard a location, helping keep it secure until another expedition can be mounted or guardsmen can be dispatched to hold it. Want to keep the pesky giant spiders from reinfesting the mine? Hang out there until miners and guardsmen can arrive.

Plus whatever you can think of! Got a great idea what your character is doing between adventures? Send me an email.

Note that the DM will USUALLY only send details of a downtime activity back to that specific person. If you uncover a rumor. You might be the only person that knows it. Share that info (or don’t).

Character Downtime

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