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1) There is no set scheduled ‘game time’. Game sessions are ad hoc, when enough players are available. We all lead busy lives and have many commitments, so the game should be flexible.

2) Players schedule all games. The game is in the hands of the players. That means they’ll need to coordinate their expeditions on their own.
They’ll need to put together the adventuring party (3 to 5 players), mimicking the expedition preparations their characters are doing. (Obviously, the DM must also agree to be available for that date/time.) The DM will not send out emails asking if players are available to play.

3) Players will need to allow the DM enough time to prepare the session. They’ll need to tell me where they are planning on going (if they know, just exploring is an option) and what they might be planning on doing. Deadlines for upcoming games help puts pressure on me to create content for the session. The DM reserves the right to veto the Party’s request for a particular expedition if he feels that there wouldn’t be anything significant gained from it, or it might be too boring.
Note: Initial sessions will involve the characters getting to the nearest town, will provide some small plot hooks, and an opportunity to explore what is essentially the starting area. Once people get their feet wet, they can decide where they want to go, and what they want to do. Expect some surprises.

4) There is no set party of adventurers. Each session can be played with whichever of their characters a particular player wishes to play and have participate in the planned expedition. This mimics the characters planning on who should go out on that particular adventure. If you notice you’re gaming with the same set of players for every expedition, make an effort to game with some of the other players in the Company, the different mix of classes, characters, and play styles will make for a richer game experience.

5) Players should share information with each other, but don’t necessarily have to. Just remember you’re all part of the same team. It will not be the responsibility of the DM to provide recaps, or inform other expeditions about different group’s activities. This sharing of information mimics what the characters are doing in the game world- sharing maps of tombs unearthed, bragging about their prowess in the local tavern, etc.
How players share info (and how much) is up to each individual player.

6) The world is a dangerous place. Do not expect that every expedition you form will find encounters tailored or balanced to fit your level. This is a giant sandbox, so some might be above your level, some might be below. Maybe make a note of what you encounter in case there is a reason why you found what you found. Please rest assured that while the owlbear you found IS trying to eat you, the DM IS rooting for you and not the owlbear. Areas near settled towns should generally be safer than areas deep in the untracked wilderness.

Pay no attention to the info below…. This is a work in progress…
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